6th Grade Spelling Words - Sixth Grade Spelling List 18

Sixth Grade Spelling List 18

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List 18
Word Practice Sentence Type
bombard The soldiers will bombard the castle. Basic
situation Everyone situation will be treated carefully. Basic
hard We know it's hard to be away from home. Basic
served We served hundreds of people at our fundraiser. Basic
passed She passed the class with ease. Basic
difficult It was difficult to watch the surgery. Basic
room My room is the last one on the left. Basic
renew He will renew his membership next month. Basic
alone Are we alone in this old building? Basic
mass The mass of the object was easily calculated. Basic
leaves The leaves were beginning to pile up. Basic
exactly I know exactly what you mean. Basic
humor Will you try to find some humor in the predicament? Basic
myself I know myself too well. Basic
needed She needed three more people to help out. Basic
especially I especially like pistachio ice cream. Challenge
allowance I get an allowance for cleaning my room. Challenge
aquarium The aquarium at the zoo was massive. Challenge
suggestion Do you have a better suggestion? Challenge
compliment I like to compliment people when I can. Challenge

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