6th Grade Spelling Words - Sixth Grade Spelling List 28

List 28
Word Practice Sentence Type
activities I have too many activities after school. Basic
door The door was locked. Basic
burning We have been burning firewood. Basic
force We will force them to help clean up. Basic
understand Do you understand the new directions? Basic
meet Let's meet by the big tree. Basic
mirror I bought a new mirror for the bathroom. Basic
stop The stop sign was dented and old. Basic
oiliest His skin is the oiliest of his brothers. Basic
cars These cars are on sale. Basic
local The local news covered the story. Basic
political The political landscape was uncertain. Basic
information Do you have any new information? Basic
survive We can't survive without your guidance. Basic
niece My niece plays the clarinet. Basic
particular Would you like anything in particular? Challenge
neutrality We made our neutrality clear. Challenge
campaign The campaign was long and difficult. Challenge
except I dusted everything except the television. Challenge
bazaar Have you been shopping at the bazaar? Challenge

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