6th Grade Spelling Words - Sixth Grade Spelling List 5

List 5
Word Practice Sentence Type
another We bought another loaf of bread. Basic
fishing We went down by the water to look for our fishing poles. Basic
turtleneck I plan on wearing a turtleneck for my school picture next year. Basic
volleyball Our volleyball team has won almost every game. Basic
progress Your progress this year has been amazing. Basic
bigger He should take the bigger life jacket. Basic
subtle The teacher gave a subtle hint to the girl to study more. Basic
generally We generally don't make exceptions. Basic
spring I can't wait to see the tulips bloom this spring. Basic
radios The radios are not receiving anything. Basic
building The building was the tallest in the world. Basic
community Our community garden has many vegetables in it. Basic
cuffs My cuffs are smudged with dirt. Basic
staggered He staggered about looking for somewhere to sit. Basic
chorus The third grade class waited to hear the chorus anxiously. Basic
tornadoes We go to our basement if there are tornadoes. Challenge
foreign The idea was foreign to us. Challenge
brokenhearted Have you ever been brokenhearted? Challenge
banquet The banquet was for five hundred guests. Challenge
appetizer We each had a salad for our appetizer. Challenge

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