6th Grade Spelling Words - Sixth Grade Spelling List 13

List 13
Word Practice Sentence Type
common These trees are common in South Carolina. Basic
behind We fell behind the other students. Basic
twenty It's going to cost us twenty dollars. Basic
hasty It's not helpful to be too hasty. Basic
certainly We will certainly tell them about your skills. Basic
would I would like to take a foreign language in school. Basic
recycle Please recycle that plastic bottle. Basic
fraction This was a fraction of the original price. Basic
miles We drove for miles to see you. Basic
expert The expert fixed my computer quickly. Basic
matter It doesn't matter anymore. Basic
didn't I didn't see you come in. Basic
major Are there any major changes in the school schedule today? Basic
poetry I like to read poetry on Sunday afternoon. Basic
whether Let me know whether or not you will make it. Basic
artichoke How should I prepare this artichoke? Challenge
massive The meteor was massive. Challenge
mediocre Your scores so far have been just mediocre. Challenge
icicles There were at least twelve icicles hanging from my porch. Challenge
etiquette Have you ever studied etiquette? Challenge

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