6th Grade Spelling Words - Sixth Grade Spelling List 3

List 3
Word Practice Sentence Type
therefore We've run out of money, therefore there will be no carnival. Basic
research The new grant money will further our research. Basic
horse The horse galloped along beautifully. Basic
constant The constant noise gave me a headache. Basic
bicycle The most I've paid for a bicycle is one hundred dollars. Basic
doing We are doing it our way this time. Basic
aware I am aware of everything that happens in the classroom. Basic
quality Being self sufficient is a good quality. Basic
rumbling The thunder made a low rumbling noise. Basic
comedy I like comedy more than action films. Basic
burden My mom hates to burden others with her problems. Basic
summer My mom plans a lot for us during the summer. Basic
cannon Move that cannon into position before our enemy arrives. Basic
civic It is our civic duty to volunteer. Basic
anxious I can't help but be anxious about the big test. Basic
expensive This shirt is much too expensive. Challenge
choose I will choose the best candidate. Challenge
entertainment Have you booked the entertainment for the wedding reception? Challenge
audience Our audience will be amazed by our new trick. Challenge
muscular That a bodybuilder is muscular and fit. Challenge

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