6th Grade Spelling Words - Sixth Grade Spelling List 23

List 23
Word Practice Sentence Type
slogan The second candidate had a catchy slogan. Basic
question Does anyone have a question to ask the guest speaker? Basic
girls The girls want to go to an amusement park. Basic
children Our children know how to have fun. Basic
long My hair is long. Basic
current The current is strong in that river. Basic
banjo We will learn how to play the banjo. Basic
chance Is there any chance we can meet in June? Basic
dresses These dresses are really old. Basic
looking We've been looking for you. Basic
growing You are growing up fast. Basic
turn It's my turn to drive the bumper car. Basic
action Let's take action immediately. Basic
light Turn the light off before you go to bed. Basic
waltz Are you familiar with the waltz? Basic
viewpoint You viewpoint of the others has not been shared. Challenge
destination The train’s final destination was San Francisco. Challenge
preliminary The preliminary report shows that we won't have enough equipment. Challenge
immigrate Why did your ancestors immigrate to America? Challenge
grievance I'd like to file a grievance. Challenge

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